Our story

Since 1987

Tischa is a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the fashion world. This knowledge all started with one person, Patricia Soens, who passionately let her love seep through to her daughters.

Hard work, passion, love for the profession and family are Tischa's keywords. Without these qualities, Tischa wouldn't be who we are today. A concept in the West Flemish & Belgian market. The know-how and feeling for fashion has been seeping through all branches of our concept for more than 30 years.

A small sewing workshop in the center of Rollegem. That's where the story of Patricia Soens, Tischa, started. Making clothes for her customers in all possible fabrics and finishes you could think of. Always at the request of the customer, real service and customer-driven. Here she gained a lot of knowledge of models and quality.

She soon found her way to retail for women's clothing. Buying and selling was her real passion. Searching the wide range for the best fit and the highest quality pieces for a reasonable price. Patricia, mama is a real crack in her profession and helped shape the fashion landscape in Belgium. She built up her multi-brand store step by step. The name? We keep getting a lot of questions about this. The answer is simple, family. Patricia's smaller brothers had some difficulty pronouncing her name when they were smaller and that is how her nickname and later the name of her business came about. Hard work, passion, love for the profession and family, Tischa's common thread.

Together with her partner Fabien Cousin, she further developed Tischa. Dad was a professional tennis player. This career took him all over the world and fueled his passion for competition, fighting and endurance.

After the birth of their daughters Eva and Julie, he decided to focus on the financial side of things. This way they could share the duties of parenting and growing stores. Patricia had breathing space again to focus on buying and selling.

In the meantime we are talking about 15 years of Tischa and 3 shops. With the first permanent branch and also the anchor point of Tischa, the branch in Wevelgem and later also Roeselare and Kortrijk.

Soon their daughters also found their way into the story. It became a prominent part of their lives and turned out to be an inseparable part of their being. Tischa was in their blood.

We often get the question whether working with your family is not a difficult task, but nothing could be further from the truth. Of course sisters can be straight forward or we can have a straight discussion with each other but our bond makes us unique & strong. Mom and her daughters. Those who know us know that we can curse and we are sometimes generous, but both lead to something beautiful for us, an opportunity to fight together, to grow and to prosper in what we do. Tischa is pumped full of passion and love.

Love for the profession and for what we do. It's not a job for us, it's our way of life.

Looking for the latest trends, creating those pieces that are still missing in our closet, curating a collection where everyone can find their way and feel at home. That's what we love to do, make our customers happy and give them something they can't find anywhere else. Comfort, style, quality. In short, clothes that you feel good in. A space where you come and know that you will walk out with a smile.

The next step was our online story. We caught up with the trend early and launched our webshop in 2015. In this way, our customer base also grew internationally. With deliveries all over the Benelux, we saw the opportunities Tischa has to continue with this. That is why it was a logical step to expand our range with our latest version of our webshop, which you are now discovering. From now on you will also be able to discover our concept, of which we are very proud, outside the Benelux.

2021 also brought a very nice step in Tischa's story. Our own label became a reality. The feel and the know-how are in our blood. That is why we wanted to continue working on this. We love the multi-brand concept, but we want to complement this with unique pieces that are the perfect match in everyone's closet. Pieces that you want to wear again and again, pieces that only exude Tischa.

Our fourth store saw the light in 2022, our branch in Knokke. The shopping resort of Belgium. With the international reputation of the city, this was a logical step in our story.

Tischa currently knows thousands of happy clients and always pushes for the best. Best service, best price, best experience, best quality. Curious about the future? We too, follow our story and become a TTC - Tischa The Client!